Design & Development

Urban Plains combines all aspects of life in one development – a place where you can truly live, work and play. The residential zoning at Urban Plains is MR-3, so condominiums, apartments, and some mixed-use buildings will be available for living. A large portion of Urban Plains is zoned commercial, so retail will be a key component. Urban Plains is centered on a 25 acre park that includes nearly a one half mile stretch of water that will allow for many new activities in Fargo.


Urban Plains is committed to creating a city within a city. While some items are very evident, such as the entrances with lush medians, round-a-bouts and the 25 acre public park, there are many features that are subtle. These subtleties will contribute to an excellent quality of life and help protect the value of your property for years to come.


Boulevards – The Boulevards at Urban Plains will be lush with denser tree plantings where needed in clusters of trees and patterns that will have a unique eye – catching appeal during the spring, summer, and fall, yet be carefully positioned not to interfere with the visibility of businesses. Urban Plains has worked to plant older, more mature trees that will give shape and color to the Boulevard more quickly and maintain the heights needed to insure proper views.

Roads – The 90 degree street grid is gone. Replacing it is curved roads with calming features such as planted medians, denser boulevards, and unique round-abouts that are not only calming, but very efficient. You will also notice that major entries into the development are complimented with concrete and colored cross walks, to ensure a long term, developed look.

Water Retention – Water retention is handled by several smaller attractive ponds, with the majority of water flowing into the new $6 million, 25 acre Brandt Park. Local water retention is not required on an individual basis as the master plan of water retention takes care of this for all land owners, developers, and users.

Lighting – The unique lights at Urban Plains are designed to be attractive, efficient, and secure. Master planned lighting schemes have been designed to compliment each other and the facilities being constructed throughout the development. Making lights attractive instead of a standard utility is another example of the thought process of Urban Plains.

Business Placement – Urban Plains makes conscious decisions on where businesses should go to best perform for the entire development, to help insure success. Site lines, proximity, zoning, elevations, and architecture are thought through as a community, not a single sale.